Looking to add a little additional privacy to your home or office without sacrificing style? Custom shades from Blind Spot Etc. are the perfect solution! We offer custom shades in a huge array of colors, styles, and materials. Because we customize your shades in our Port Charlotte shop, we can ensure a perfect fit for any window or door in your home or business.


Operate your window shades with the touch of a button. Our selection of motorized shades puts convenience at your fingertips.

A great choice for floor to ceiling glass, skylights, and other hard-to-reach windows. Plus the lack of cords makes motorized shades a much safer choice for homes with children or pets.

Many motorized lift options can be operated via your smartphone or integrated into your smart home system for added convenience. 

window shades


Roller shades add color, style and texture to any room easily and economically. With a wide array of colors, patterns, styles and features, roller shades can fit your needs perfectly.

Fabrics range from sheer to blackout, depending on how much privacy and light control you need – semi-opaque fabrics offer a good combination of both. Roller shades “roll up” onto a tube, and are operated with a cord loop, a cordless spring system, or even by remote control, and are available with personalized features like a cassette valance or a decorative bottom hem.


Roman shades are a pleated window treatment made with soft fabric that gathers evenly as it raises. They offer the functionality of window shades combined with the appeal of drapery. Available in a variety of light-filtering fabrics and fold types to match any style.

Different fold types provide a distinct look and are just just one of the many custom options available to you. Because these shades are made of fabric, you’ll also have the option to choose a solid color as well as unique patterns. You can even include motorization on your roman shades for the ultimate convenience.

roman shades
woven wood shades


Woven wood shades, or bamboo shades, are an attractive natural alternative to other popular window treatments. Available in a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses and reeds, woven shades add texture and style to any room.

Optional add-ons include cordless and motorized lift options, privacy liners and edge banding. These natural shades can easily be combined with other window treatments to give your room a style all its own.


A pleated shade is a single piece of soft fabric which provides excellent light coverage. The pleats give the shade more depth and a slight ‘slat-like’ appearance. Choose from a variety of transparencies to achieve the desired degree of light filtering for your needs.

These shades are lightweight and are available with a variety of lift options. Choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs to perfectly complement your room.

pleated shades
solar shades


Solar shades block sunlight and UV rays while still allowing for a view outside. These shades help cut down on glare making them an ideal choice for offices and media rooms.

Because they block UV rays, solar shades can help increase the longevity of wood floors and throw rugs. They also help regulate temperature within your home.

Cordless and motorized lift options are also available. Easily combine these shades with other window treatments to give your room a personalized look.


Skylight shades add a sleek and finished look to your skylights while providing sunlight diffusing shade. Let soft light into the room without the glare or block the sun entirely with a blackout shade.

Skylight shades come with both manual and motorized lift options and are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs to perfectly complement your room.

skylight shades


At Blind Spot Etc. our professional installation services ensure that your windows are properly measured before you even order your shades – guaranteeing a perfect fit.

When your window shadess are ready, our professional installers will ensure that your window treatments are installed correctly and that they work as expected. We’ll take the time to show you how operate and care for your new window treatments and even remove your old ones!

Don’t go it alone! Let the professionals handle the installation of your window treatments and get it done right!


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