Curtains and draperies can add style and charm to any room and are available in a wide array of fabrics and styles. From sheer curtains for a light and airy look to blackout drapes for privacy and temperature control, Blind Spot Etc. has draperies for every need. We also offer a wide array of valances, sashes, rods, and finials to give your draperies the perfect look and feel. Whether you are striving for a formal look or a more casual feel, we’ve got you covered!



As the name implies, single panel drapes are a window treatment that hangs on only one side of a window or door. These drapes are easier to open and close as there is only one panel that needs to be moved.

Single panel curtains and drapes are the perfect choice for sliding glass doors or smaller windows that may look crowded with a double panel draperie.


Double panel (or two-panel) drapes are a traditional look for many windows. The drapes fall on either side of the window, providing balance and the illusion of a wider window. Many people layer these with a sheer panel for added drama.

Double panel drapes are often coupled with a complimentary valance and sashes can be used to tie them back.

custom draperies


Sheer curtains are made of a translucent fabric that lets light into your room while maintaining a little privacy.  They can be found in a variety of patterns to match your personal taste and dècor.

Sheer curtains are often combined with heavier draperies to provide additional privacy when desired. They can also be used as elegant surrounds for canopy beds. 


Door panel curtains (sometimes referred to as French door curtains) add elegance and privacy to a variety of door types. They are especially popular for interior French doors.

They are available in a variety of transparencies and typically feature rods on both the top and bottom. You can even add a center sash for a very dramatic look.

side panel curtains


Side panels are stationary panels designed to accent your windows. They are not designed to be moved and will not cover the entire window. This type of draperie is often coupled with sheer curtains or window blinds.

Side panels make beautiful window accents and, like double panel draperies, provide balance and the illusion of a larger window.

Valances & Cornices

A valance or window cornice is the perfect finishing touch for the top of your windows and there are hundreds of styles and patterns to choose from. Our professional designers can help you choose the perfect valance or cornice for your unique space. 

Whether you prefer the draped look of a fabric valance or the structured presentation of a window cornice, we have a wide variety of styles that are all timeless and chic. 

valances and cornices


At Blind Spot Etc. our professional installation services ensure that your windows are properly measured before you even order your window treatments – guaranteeing a perfect fit.

When your drapes are ready, our professional installers will ensure that your window treatments are installed correctly and that they work as expected. We’ll take the time to show you how operate and care for your new window treatments and even remove your old ones!

Don’t go it alone! Let the professionals handle the installation of your window treatments and get it done right!


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