Enjoy your privacy in style with custom-made shutters from Blind Spot Etc. From classic plantation shutters to chic cafe-style shutters, custom-made shutters provide the ultimate in privacy and temperature control. Our custom shutters are built right here in our Port Charlotte shop so we can ensure a perfect fit for any window or door in your home or business.

plantation shutters


Plantation shutters originated in the southeast U.S. and are the epitome of classic southern charm. They are the perfect upgrade for your Southwest Florida home.

These shutters have widely spaced slats allowing more light to enter a room. They’re a flexible style of shutter, as you can use multiple shutters for a single window, giving you the option to close all or some of the slats. They are great for temperature regulation, allowing you to adjust the amount of sunlight entering your home.


Café-style shutters cover just a part of the window, typically the bottom. They make a beautiful statement in any room but are particularly popular in well-exposed rooms like the kitchen or living room. Cafe-style shutters allow you to enjoy open windows while maintaining a degree of privacy. 

The name comes from the style of shutters that French cafés used to provide privacy for patrons while allowing natural light to flow in. It is the cafe-style shutter which gave rise to tier-on-tier shutters which are becoming increasingly popular.  


cafe-style shutters
multi-tier shutters


Multi-tier shutters (also called tier-on-tier shutters) likely found their inspiration from café shutters. They are interior shutters, and they have a very similar design and function to café shutters. Rather than an all-or-nothing effect, multi-tier shutters give you flexibility to keep some areas of a window covered and private, and other areas can be left open.

These shutters are ideal for bay windows and other large areas. If you are looking for versatile shutters that allow you to open one side and keep another side closed, these are the shutters for you!


Shutters are a popular choice for both interior and exterior French doors. At Blind Spot Etc. we specifically tailor your shutters to fit your French doors and to match the aesthetic and interior dècor of your home.

French door shutters look better than curtains and they also allow you to adjust just how much light shines into the room. They are the perfect choice to provide privacy for interior rooms and exterior doors.

french door shutters
arched window shutters


If your home has arched windows and doors, you may need custom-designed arched shutters. Arched shutters can be mounted on the interior or exterior of your home. They are the perfect addition to any arched window.

These shutters are usually measured and cut to fit the specific areas of your home. They come in a variety of styles and slat widths for adjusting lighting and providing privacy


At Blind Spot Etc. our professional installation services ensure that your windows are properly measured before you even order your shutters – guaranteeing a perfect fit.

When your shutters are ready, our professional installers will ensure that your window treatments are installed correctly and that they work as expected. We’ll take the time to show you how operate and care for your new window treatments and even remove your old ones!

Don’t go it alone! Let the professionals handle the installation of your window treatments and get it done right!


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